Marking Codes For ARHS English


A    - apostrophe

ab  - spell out abbreviation

awk- awkward

C  -   capital

CS  - comma splice

FS   - fused sentence

agr - faulty agreement (subject/verb; pronoun)

case - error in pronoun case

jarg - jargon

Log  - illogical

P   - punctuation

pass - excessive use of passive voice

pl. - needs correct plural form

pll  - lack of parallelism

Q  -quotation fault

SF    - sentence fragment

sp    - spelling

T     - title

ts     - tense shift

vt     - verb tense

u      - usage

wdy  - wordy

ww   - wrong word

//       - new (or no new) paragraph needed

#      - number fault

^      - omission

X or O - obvious fault

?? -   reread and reconsider

---------------------   delete these words for conciseness


And for those of a more positive bent:


ED!    -excellent detail

EW!   -effective word choice

FI!      -fine sense of humour

GI!     -good idea

GIN! - good introduction

GO!  - good organization

GT!   -good tone

LS1!  -lively style

SW!   -strong writing

TF!    -thoughtful, thought provoking