From Rex Murphy's introduction to the program:

"We discovered to our delight, but not surprise, last summer that very many of the listeners to CCCU are fond of reading, great readers, great boosters of reading or a commendable salad of all of the above. So, when with those same eager readers' help, we compiled a loose list of books recommended for a summer's read, it was extremely gratifying that so many people wrote, faxed or e-mailed for a copy of it -- over 2,000. There is something very healthy in this, something that weighs in by way of redress against the great tidal wave of vulgarity, trivia, eye and ear wash of the media - the relentless and inexorable rip currents of simple bad taste which tug at us - and threaten to carry us out or down - every hour of every bombarded day.

On the strength of your response, and in tandem with our own occasional lapses of inventiveness - we've been looking for an opportunity to redo that effort. And the coming of Christmas offers the perfect excuse; what can offer more substantial merriment than a good book, and what more delightful measure of affection or regard than the intelligent selection of a book as a present; or, for that matter, what better silent tribute to yourself than the purchase of some vigorous patch of prose or verse - as compensation or refreshment after a year of toil and hurry."

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