Advanced English 11




Read any 3 pieces from Arts & Letters Daily ( ). Respond to me by e-mail in a thoughtful response of at least 250 words for each reading by April 1. (After that, another three will be due by June1)


Hors d’Oeuvres:


5 Short Stories:


“How Beautiful Are thy Feet with Shoes”–W.D.Steele

“The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” – D. H. Lawrence

“A&P” – John Updike

“Barn Burning” – William. Faulkner

"A Clean Well-lighted Place" – Ernest Hemingway

“Cathedral” – Raymond Carver (maybe)




Elements of Grammar & Rhetoric




The Outsider – Albert Camus


Siddhartha  - Hermann Hesse


Hamlet – William Shakespeare




Modern poetry & "how a poem means" as displayed in your 10 pg booklet



VIP Room 1


Read about ONE poet's life and read a selection of the poems. Make a web page, powerpoint, or participate in after-school discussion on the same.


Robert Frost: Birches; Mending Wall; After Apple-Picking, The Wood-Pile


Philip Larkin: Mr. Bleaney; Arundel’s Tomb; Dockery and Son; Vers de Societe¢; Toads Revisited


Elizabeth Bishop: Sonnet ("Caught…"); The Fish;  Roosters; Sandpiper


Harry Thurston: Choose a selection of 6


Dickinson: a selection of ten


VIP Room 2:


Passage to India – E. M. Forster

To the Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf


One of: Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Rober Pirsig; or Disgrace J. M. Coetzee


One of: 1984 – George Orwell; or Alias Grace – M. Atwood; or Fifth Business – Robertson Davies; or Duddy Kravitz – Mordecai. Richler


For each of these books, you will be required to e-mail a personal response (the sole requirements being honesty and thoughtfulness) after each book is read. You will be required to read at least one reading for each of the 4 books and participate in an after-school discussion group (of 5 students per group) involving all of the selected books.


Extra Helpings:


The larder is full. Ask if you are still hungry. Let her who has appetite eat.


  • The chapter from Camus'The Myth of Sisyphus that explains the myth.
  • A passage from Camus' Lyrical and Critical Essays discussing the disappearing desert
  • Albert Camus on his idea of "the absurd man."
  • A passage from Camus' Lyrical and Critical Essays discussing the space between "yes" and "no."

  • A Grocery-clerk's tale